Top 5 reasons your restaurant needs a video.

1. Videos help share your story.

In a world with so many places to eat, people are often seeking out a restaurant that has a unique twist.  And it’s not just about the food being unique. They want to try a place that has a unique history or story. Having a video that you can share on your social media platform let’s people experience that story from the comfort of their couch or desk chair. Potential diners can see that special something about your establishment and learn why your eatery is worth their time.

2. Show off your atmosphere.

When it comes to running a restaurant, we all know that having good tasting food is important, but it is equally important to have a unique atmosphere. A professional video can capture the vibe of your distinct environment. As a result, you can urge potential diners to stop in and experience it first hand.

3. Showcase your signature dishes.

Is there a dish that you make that no one else offers? You should show it off! The number one reason people walk through your door is to get their eat on. So create some buzz by showing off how your delicious signature entrees are put together. Maybe even show somebody enjoying a bite! People are intrigued by the food they see in videos and they’ll want to try it for themselves.

4. A professional video makes you look professional.

A professional, accessible video says you’re legit. Sleek cinematography and energetic editing will help shine the best light on your establishment. And showing off some happy customers with confidence will only boost your fan fair. A professional video also creates an image of success and quality . . . and that will affect the quality of your customer’s experience. 

5. People like videos of food.

We’ve all experienced the phenomenon of seeing a commercial for pizza and immediately wanting pizza.  We are visual creatures. We enjoy watching food and imagining how good it is. Having a professional video that shows off your menu will have the same effect on your viewers. Potential customers may be enticed to patron your establishment just to try the dishes they see in your videos!

And that is why your restaurant needs a video.

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