4 Reasons You Need a Video for Your Event!

1. It makes your event stick out.

Let’s face it, it is extremely hard to get people to show up for anything. Yes, you could post a blog, put up flashy print ads all around town and create an event on Facebook. All these things help, but if you really want people to turn out for your event, you NEED to show them what to expect. What better way to do this than capture your event with a video? Potential attendees can see the bands playing, speakers giving speeches, folks enjoying concessions and/or participating in the event. A video allows people to see what to expect.

2. We live in a visual world.

Part of the problem with relying solely on print ads or written promotional material is that it is easy for it to get lost among the clutter. Print ads are necessary, useful tools but if you combine them with a video, you raise the number of visual touches a person encounters. This means your event will become more top of mind.  And ultimately, videos make a longer lasting impact and generate more buzz for your event as well.

3. Videos increase traffic to your page.

So you got a flashy video now. You’ve shared it on social media. Now, your followers start sharing! As the video gets more shares (definitely more than static ads), more people learn about your event than would have otherwise. At the end of the day, creating a unique video for your event will allow you to connect with a larger demographic.

4. Stronger emotional impact creates a call to action.

A video is a combination of arts. It’s graphic design, camera work, acting, lighting, and music. All of these single elements combined has a stronger emotional impact than each would have as stand alone elements. The stronger the emotional impact, the more likely a viewer is to attend your event!

In the end, an event without people is just a dress rehearsal. So, the next time you need promote an event, consider utilizing the power of video to help fill the room!