Marketing Tips

1. Utilize customer reviews/testimonials.

With services such as Yelp it is abundantly clear that people like to leave reviews. Even if a review is mixed, it can increase your visibility and direct more people to your services. Reviews can also show you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. That way you can continue to build your customer service and find solutions to potential problems.

If you have a loyal customer or client, we suggest recording a video testimonial. Video is a great way to highlight what’s unique about your brand. And it’s straight from the mouths of those who use your service or buy your products.

2. Be clear in your marketing statements.

Being clear and concise is critical. It should be easy for your clients to understand what you are selling and what personal benefit it will bring. The best way to avoid confusion, is to use simple language when you’re writing your product descriptions as well as your “call to action.”

At Johnson Design and Video, that’s what we call being authentic.  When we highlight a business, we try to highlight (1) who they are, (2) what they do and (3) what sets them apart from their competition. This format is not only straight and to the point but it is also effective!

3. Use sales or bundles to create exposure.

People love sales and discounts. Amazon often has several deals and this generates more traffic for their sellers. If you have a customer email list, you might consider sending discount offers once in a while. This shows you value their business and don’t take them for granted.  For example, in the video world, we often offer clients a discount when they commit to multiple videos.

4. Consider a giveaway.

If there’s one thing people like more than sales/discounts it’s free stuff! One of the most common methods is a Facebook giveaway.  Create a post that must be shared, liked and commented on to enter a drawing. This will increase the organic circulation of your post and help foster overall brand awareness and increase traffic to your page.  It can also increase the number of likes your page has, which will mean more opportunities for “re-marketing” down the line.

5. Don’t neglect social media.

Using your social media effectively can help you create a unique online presence.  Posts that are interesting and informative give a reason for current and potential clients to follow you. This may not lead directly to immediate sales, but it will help keep you “top of mind.” Plus, if your business has the latest info on the products you’re selling, you can become a “hub” for information. Then when customers are ready to buy, you’ll be the first company they consider.

Client: VRS P.C. | Project: Testimonial Video geared towards Brookings Clients